Jonvaler Ducktales And Never Enough

SIRE: BISS AM CH. HySpire Adrenaline Rush
DAM: BOSS AM. CAN CH. Ducktales On and On

VetGen DNA: eeBB - Yellow (Yy)
VetGen D-Locus: OFA LR-DL271/100M-PI - DD/No Dilute Gene
HIPS: OFA Good / LR-191952G40M-VPI - ELBOWS: OFA LR-EL50386M40-VPI (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: Normal/Clear / OPTIGEN: prcd-PRA Tested: Genotype Normal/Clear -
EIC: VetGen Carrier - CARDIAC: Tested Normal - THYROID: Normal - DENTITION: Full

Queens Royal Eye Of The Hawk

SIRE: AM CH. Bluveil Bermuda
DAM: Beulahlands Sweet Dream O Queens
Black (Bc) DD/No Dilute Gene
OFA Good LR-217169G54M-VPI - ELBOWS: OFA Normal LR-EL69901M54-VPI
Eyes: Clear - OPTIGEN prcd-PRA: A Normal/Clear by Parentage
EIC: Carrier - Thyroid: Normal - Dentition: Full


Upcoming Boys

Beulahlands More Than Enough

SIRE: (French Import) Be my Royal King for Queens of Tintagel Winds
DAM: Beulahlands Tammy

DDC DNA: Black (B/b) - DDC DNA D-Locus: DD/No Dilute Gene
HIPS: OFA Pending - ELBOWS: OFA Pending - EIC: DDC DNA Clear
EYES: Normal/Clear / PRA: Genotype Normal/Clear By Parentage -
CARDIAC: Tested Normal - THYROID: Normal - DENTITION: Full



(New Zealand Import)
AM CH. Major Pointed (Only lacked 4 singles) - CAN CH. Pointed
NZ. INT'L CH. Croftsway Old Man River, CGC

SIRE: ENG CH. Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway (UK) -x-

Croftsway Xpress Bug (NZ)

DOB: 3-24-1998 - COLOR: Black (c)
HEIGHT: Toward the top of the standard at about 24 inches
HIPS: Wyburn 1:1 (Equiv to OFA Excellent) - ELBOWS: 0:0 (Normal/Clear)
EYES: ACVO Cerf'd LR-46528 (Normal/Clear) /
OPTIGEN PRCD -PRA Tested: 02-3537 Genotype "A" (Normal/Clear)
- / OFA PRA: LR-PRA222/85M-PI (Normal/Clear) -
CARDIAC: LR-CA1307/64M/C-PI/Normal (Cardiologist) -
THYROID: Tested Normal

Sire of over 24 Champions, Several Best In Specialty Show Winners
2 that ranked as 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 #1 Top Winning Labradors in Russia.
As of 2009 2 CACIB FCI International Champions - Chocolate bitch and Chocolate dog
Multiple with JH, SH, MH Hunting Titles, Working Titles and Certified Service Dogs


(New Zealand Import)
NZ. CH. Croftsway Komic Book

SIRE: Poolstead Picture Book (UK)
DAM: NZ CH. Croftsway Oprah the Star (NZ)

DOB: 6-12-01 - COLOR: Black (byc) - Height: 23 1/2
HIPS: Wyburn 4:3 (Equiv to OFA Good) - ELBOWS: Wyburn 0:0 (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: ACVO CERF'd LR-46527 (Normal/Clear) / OptiGen prcd-PRA Genotype Normal/Clear By Parentage
EIC: Carrier - THYROID: Normal - CARDIAC: Normal - DENTITION: Full


(New Zealand Import)
AM. CH Pointed. INT'L. CH.

SIRE: SIRE: NZ. AUST CH. Carpenny Burning Bush (UK)
DAM: NZ. CH. Croftsway Oprah The Star (NZ)

DOB: 1-30-02 - COLOR: Black (Bc)
HIPS: OFA Good LR-147911G35M-PI - ELBOWS: LR-EL25214M35-PI (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: ACVO CERF'd LR-44716 (Normal/Clear) / OPTIGEN: prcd-PRA Tested: Genotype Normal/Clear -
CARDIAC: Tested Normal - DENTITION: Full


(Finland Import)
CAN CH. Pointed
AM. INT'L CH Pointed. Strongline's Goblin

SIRE: FinJCh. NordVCh. NVCh. SVCh. FinVCh. IntCh.
NordCh. DkCh. SCh. Fin CH. BIGGAS YNGA
DAM: IPOHIN STRONGLY LINED Poolstead Picture Book (UK)

DOB: 4-24-99 - COLOR: Yellow (y)

Finland Clearances at 12 months
HIPS: B:B - ELBOWS: 0:0 - EYES: Clear

US Clearances
HIPS: OFA Good LR-117521G26M-PI - ELBOWS: LR-EL13951-PI
EYES: LR-30440/2004 - CARDIAC: LR-CA00446/27M/C-PI
THYROID: Normal - Dentition: Full