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(Parts taken from Mike Murdock's book "The Law Of Recognition".)


Recognition Of An Uncommon Mentor

Mentors Are Teachers Of Uncommon Wisdom.
Various Mentors will enter and exit your life.

Wisdom determines the success of your life.
There are two ways to receive Wisdom:
1. Mistakes
2. Mentors
Mentors are the differance between poverty and prosperity; decrease and increase; loss and gain; pain and pleasure; deterioration and restoration.

Facts you should know about an Uncommon Mentor:

1. An Uncommon Mentor is the master key to the success of a protege. "Wisdom is the principle thing." (Prov 4:7)
2. An Uncommon Mentor Transfers Wisdom Through Relationship. "He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but
a companion of fools shall be destroyed" (prov. 13:20).
3. An Uncommon Mentor guarantees your promotion.
4. An Uncommon Mentor can determine your wealth. (this also refers to wealth of knowledge.)
5. An Uncommon Mentor can paralize your enemies against you.
6. An Uncommon Mentor can cause influential people to listen to you.
7. An Uncommon Mentor will require your pursuit. He does not need what you know. You need what he knows.
8. An Uncommon Mentor is more interested in your success than your afflictions. His focus is not the celebration of you, but, the correction of you.
9. An Uncommon Mentor is not necessarily your best friend. Your mentor loves you too much to leave you the way you are.
Your Best Friend is comfortable with your past.
Your Mentor is comfortable with your future.
Your Best Friend ignores your weakness.
Your Mentor removes your weakness.
Your Best Friend is your cheerleader.
Your Mentor is your coach.
Your Best Friend sees what you do right.
Your mentor sees what you do wrong.
10. An Uncommon Mentor see things you cannot see. He sees weaknesses in you before you experience them. He sees an enemy before you discern him. He has already experienced the pain of a problem you are about to create.
11. An Uncommon Mentor will become an enemy to the enemies of his Protege. An Uncommom Mentor will fight against any philosophy, pitfalls, or prejudices that would rob his protege of experiencing complete success in his life.
12. An Uncommon Mentor can create an Uncommon Protege. Everything you know will come through Mentorship, by experience or a person. Invest everything to spend time and moments with an Uncommon Mentor God has chosen to sow into your life.

Recognition of an Uncommon Mentor will prevent a thousand headaches.

Recognition of an Uncommon Protege:

A Protege Is An Enthusuastic Learner.

The wisdom of the Mentor is perpetuated through the Protege.
It is very important that you recognize those connected to you for the multiplying and perpetuation of your success and life. You will only remember what you teach another. Our children should become our Protege.
Passive Proteges only reach when it is convenient or when their personal efforts do not produce their desired result. They subconsciously expect their Mentor to produce success for them.
Parasite Proteges pursue for credibility, not correction. They will use the name and influence of a Mentor to manipulate others into a relationship. They want what he has learned. They want reputation without preparation.
Prodigal Proteges enter and exit the relationship freely. When serious correction occurs, they move toward another Mentor who has not yet discovered their flaws. They distance themselves when their Mentor encounters personal difficulties, loss of credibility, false accusation or persecution. They only return when their pigpen becomes unbearable.
Productive Proteges Are Uncommon. They have a servants heart. They never make a major decision without counsel and feedback of their mentor. They view their Mentor as a dominant gift from God. They love their Mentor as much as they love themselves.

The Uncommon Protege will honor The Mentor.

Facts About The Uncommon Protege:

1. The Uncommon Protege will Invest Everything to stay in the presence of The Uncommon Mentor.
2. The Uncommon Protege Follows The Counsel Of The Uncommon Mentor.
3. The Uncommon Protege Reveals The Secrets And Dreams Of His Heart With The Mentor.
4. The Uncommon Protege Freely Discusses His Mistakes And Pain With The Mentor.
5. The Uncommon Protege Defines Clearly His Expectations To The Mentor.
6. The Uncommon Protege Gladly Sows Seeds Of Appreciation Back Into The Life Of The Mentor.
7. The Uncommon Protege Ultimately Recieves The Mantle Of The Mantle He Serves. Transference of annointing is a FACT, not a fantasy.
8. The Uncommon Protege Moves Toward The Shelter Of The Mentor During A Season Of Uncommon Attack And Warfare. Think about this seriously.., During an attack a Protege should not withdraw from the Mentor. He should pursue him! He invested time in him.
9. The Uncommon Protege Will Change His Own Schedule To Invest Time In The Presence Of The Mentor.
The Uncommon Protege is someone who discerns, respects and pursues the answers God has stored in The Mentor for their life.

What To Do When The Mentor/Protege Relationship Is Threatened:

The world dispises unity.
Many fear the Law Of Agreement and will invest everything to destroy the transference of Wisdom.
Mentors are heartbroken when a worthy Protege withdraws.

Here are some thoughts that have helped me when a Protege withdraws:
* You cannot force someone to learn from you. Jesus himself could not and neither can you.
* There is usually a third party that destroys the unity between The Mentor and The Protege. Unless The Protege opens his heart about it, you cannot correct it.
* You cannot answer questions The Protege refuses to ask.
* Proteges withdraw when they believe their own goals are superior to the goals of The Mentor.
* Proteges become discouraged by The Mentor's expressed disappointment in them.
* When the counsel of The Mentor is rejected, God will correct them through painful experiences.
* The Law of Repetition is necessary in the learning process.
* The Protege is not necessarily the confidante of The Mentor.
* Questions should be addressed to The Mentor.
* Answers should be addressed to The Protege.

The Greatest Success Quality Known Is The Willingness To Become!

Recognition Of An Uncommon Protege Will Create An Inner Contentment No Other Achievement Can Produce.

The contents of this site are copyrightę 1997-2002, Stacy Killian/Beulah Land Labradors
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