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Two of our mares (adults that have reached full height).

Everyone needs a little Mini-love.


S&DM's Sassy

Foaled: 7-1-2003 - Class: A
Color: Black - Official Height: 32.00" Inches

* Sassy has been bred to "Lakhota Roses Magnum". *
Foal Date: May 2009

                       Spring Valley Fantastic Blue Chief (29.75")
          Sire: Clark's Limited Editions Desperado (Blk/Wht Pinto - 29.75")
                                King Tiger (28.00")
                       DineyJim Delite Of Legend (32.75")  
                                Dunning's Curly Que (32.50")

S&DM's Sassy (32.00")

                                Circle L General J.C. (32.50")
                       M&M's Mini Major (Sorrel - 31.50")
                                Delfinnia Of M&M (32.00")
          Dam: S&DM's Buffy (Chestnut - 32.50")
                                Tuffy (32.00")
                       Doug's Bit Of Lace (Sorrel - 34.00")
                                Doug's Flossy (32.50")

Lakhota Roses Stormy Morn

Foaled: 4-6-2002 - Class: B
Color: Sabino White - Official Height: 33.75" Inches

Stormy is very refined and elegant; Arabian-like in type with a beautiful dished face.

* Stormy has been bred to "Lakhota Roses Magnum". *
Foal Date: 2009

          Sire: Peanut
Lakhota Rose's Stormy Morn (White - 33.75")
          Dam: Misty Morn (34.00")

Lakhota Rose's Treasure

Foaled: 5-1-2004 - Class: A
Color: Smokey Chestnut and White Tobiano Pinto - Official Height: 28.00" Inches

* Treasure has been bred. *
Foal Date: 2009

Treasure is a very tiny petite mare, with an incredible easy-going disposition.
As tiny as she is, she has a beautiful outline and is extremely well balanced.


Lakhota Rose's Treasure (28.00")


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