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(New Zealand Import)
Jonvaler Ducktales And Never Enough
NZ. CH. Croftsway Komic Book
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Gone, But Will Never Be Forgotten.......
(New Zealand Import)
Sire of over 24 Champions, Several Best In Specialty Show Winners, 2 that ranked as 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 #1 Top Winning Labradors in Russia. As of 2009 2 CACIB FCI International Champions - Chocolate bitch and Chocolate dog, Multiple with JH, SH, MH Hunting Titles, Working Titles and Certified Service Dogs.
(New Zealand Import)
AM CH. Major Pointed (Only lacked 4 singles) - CAN CH. Pointed
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Current Litters
The Gentlemen of
              Beulah Land
SIRE: BISS AM CH. HySpire Adrenaline Rush
DAM: BOSS AM. CAN CH. Ducktales On and On
VetGen DNA: eeBB - Yellow (Yy)
VetGen D-Locus: OFA LR-DL271/100M-PI - DD/No Dilute Gene
HIPS: OFA Good / LR-191952G40M-VPI - ELBOWS: OFA LR-EL50386M40-VPI (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: Normal/Clear / OPTIGEN: prcd-PRA Tested: Genotype Normal/Clear -
EIC: VetGen Carrier - CARDIAC: Tested Normal - THYROID: Normal - DENTITION: Full
DOB: 6-12-01 - COLOR: Black (byc) - Height: 23 1/2
HIPS: Wyburn 4:3 (Equiv to OFA Good) - ELBOWS: Wyburn 0:0 (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: ACVO CERF'd LR-46527 (Normal/Clear) / OptiGen prcd-PRA Genotype Normal/Clear By Parentage

SIRE: Poolstead Picture Book (UK)
DAM: NZ CH. Croftsway Oprah the Star (NZ)
SIRE: NZ. AUST CH. Carpenny Burning Bush (UK)
DAM: NZ. CH. Croftsway Oprah The Star (NZ)
AM. CH Pointed. INT'L. CH.
DOB:1-30-02 - COLOR: Black (Bc)
HIPS: OFA Good LR-147911G35M-PI - ELBOWS: LR-EL25214M35-PI (Normal/Clear) -
EYES: ACVO CERF'd LR-44716 (Normal/Clear) / OPTIGEN: prcd-PRA Tested: Genotype Normal/Clear -
CARDIAC: Tested Normal - DENTITION: Full
SIRE: ENG CH. Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway (UK)
DAM: Croftsway Xpress Bug (NZ)
Croftsway Old Man River, CGC
DOB: 3-24-1998 - COLOR: Black (c)
HEIGHT: Toward the top of the standard at about 24 inches
HIPS: Wyburn 1:1 (Equiv to OFA Excellent) - ELBOWS: 0:0 (Normal/Clear)
EYES: ACVO Cerf'd LR-46528 (Normal/Clear) /
OPTIGEN PRCD -PRA Tested: 02-3537 Genotype "A" (Normal/Clear)
-/ OFA PRA: LR-PRA222/85M-PI (Normal/Clear) -
CARDIAC: LR-CA1307/64M/C-PI/Normal (Cardiologist) -
THYROID: Tested Normal - DENTITION: Full
AM. INT'L CH Pointed. Strongline's Goblin
(Finland Import)
SIRE: FinJCh. NordVCh. NVCh. SVCh. FinVCh. IntCh.
NordCh. DkCh. SCh. Fin CH. BIGGAS YNGA
DOB: 4-24-99 - COLOR: Yellow (y)

Finland Clearances
HIPS: B:B - ELBOWS: 0:0 - EYES: Clear

US Clearances
HIPS: OFA Good LR-117521G26M-PI - ELBOWS: LR-EL13951-PI
EYES: LR-30440/2004 - CARDIAC: LR-CA00446/27M/C-PI
THYROID: Normal - Dentition: Full

Breeding Terms - Chilled Semen

- All breedings are guaranteed to produce a litter. A litter shall be considered a litter, if at least two live (2) puppies are whelped.

- The stud fee is payable at the time of the breeding. If the bitch fails to produce a litter, a rebreeding will be given within 2 years. A Service Fee will be required with any rebreeding. After 2 years all rebreeding obligations are null and void. If the original stud is no longer available for service, the bitch owner may choose any other stud dog, with an equal stud fee, owned by Beulahland Labradors. If the original bitch is no longer available to fulfill the breeding, another bitch may be substituted. There will be no refunds of stud fees.

- The owner of the bitch will be responsible for any expenses pertaining to shipping dogs or chilled semen. These expenses include shipping kits for all the kits used, FedEx charges, etc. These expenses are payable at the time of the breeding. This includes rebreedings.

- The owner of the bitch will contact Innovative Canine Reproduction, formerly CLONE: (phone 215-489-2620; fax 215-345-5096; Web site: ICR ; e-mail: to arrange for cooled semen shipping kits to be sent to Beulahland Labradors at the first sign the bitch is in season.

- Accurate timing utilizing PROGESTERONE levels is the most critical factor in the success of breeding via shipped semen. Guessing and using prior breeding times for a bitch is a waste of everyone's time and money. Your best chance at getting a litter is by utilizing an actual PROGESTERONE NUMBER. Please contact a good reproduction veterinarian for progesterone level testing.

- It is suggested that the owner of the bitch create their own FedEx account. It is very simple to do and facilitates shipping. FedEx will charge your credit card for shipments.

- After a litter is whelped, the easiest way to register a litter is to complete the Litter Registration online from the AKC website.

- As the stud owner, I retain the right to refuse a breeding at any time, for any reason.

(CAN CH. Pointed)