Here are a few bits and pieces of letters from the wonderful people that we feel blessed
to know, and that we have Welcomed into the Beulah Land Family.

Dear Stacy and Family,

We just wanted to take a moment on this Thanksgiving Day to tell you that we are so thankful that you chose us as the family for little Roux.

Last night the entire family recalled the day that Roux came into our lives; a sweet little puppy huddled at the back of a small crate at O'Hare Airport. She was scared, but came alive the minute that we held her in our arms; body wiggling and tongue licking! When we took her outside, as young and overwhelmed as she was at being in a strange, loud place with jumbo jets flying above, she still managed to turn her attention towards a paper cup blowing by. She chased it, and brought it back to us! We knew right then and there what a good retrieving pup we had! The minute we got into the car with her, she was ALL OURS and there was no turning back. She made us HER family.

Life with Roux has been nothing short of a joy. Housebreaking her was so easy that we are still stunned as to how it happened so quickly! It was so easy that it almost made us wish we had gotten TWO puppies from you! Even now, Roux goes to the bathroom in one small corner of the yard, which we really appreciate and which makes clean-up a snap. She is very neat and tidy and makes our life simpler. She NEVER has accidents in the house.

Roux is an extremely healthy dog. We have had no physical problems with her at all. She is very strong and robust, and thanks to the Natural Raw diet that you taught us about, her teeth gleam pearly white, her breath smells fresh, and her coat glows. Her eyes sparkle and her nose is solid black. Her tail is the perfect length, as is her body, and she more than satisfies everything conformationally that I could have asked for in a Labrador. I often compare her to others in the neighborhood, and believe me, there is NO comparison. Sometimes I can't help but play with her tail, and the soft flap of her ears, marveling at how perfect they are! I even like her paws, which are perfectly shaped and compact. She is simply stunning, and there seems to be no end to how beautifully she continues to develop.

Her level of intelligence and her larger than life personality continue to amaze and intrigue us. Teaching her basic obedience was such a snap that we have gone on to teach her fun tricks. She is as smart as a whip and seems to be aware of things beyond the typical dog. For instance, she watches t.v. and notices any new piece of clothing or item of merchandise that comes into our home. She is also mesmorized by mirrors, and likes to enjoy her reflection. She is so smart she will walk AROUND the mirror to see on the other side. I have never seen a dog do this. There is nothing that escapes her attention. She knows all the schedules and routines of every family member, and waits by the door as she knows when they are due to leave. Her behavior in the car is beyond impeccable. She sits and or lays down patiently and we do not hear a peep out of her. She is "pure joy" as far as a travel dog.

Never have we owned a dog that has been this obedient and loyal with adults, but with kids as well. Roux makes sure to enjoy each and every member of our family daily; dividing her time between the kitchen with us and the middle of the couch between the kids. Often, the house will be unusually quiet, and I will find the kids and Roux up in one of the bedrooms playing dress-up. She enjoys rough-housing and bone chewing with Gage, and even makes time to play with the cat. Roux stays right by our sides even when outdoors, and has never made any attempt to run away or wander off. The only thing that she cares about in the entire world is our family. Roux is what sharing a life with a dog is all about. She is the true definition of Man's Best Friend.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to tell you how much joy we receive from our little Roux each and every day, and how we are so thankful that you took a chance on us and allowed us to join the Beulahland family. We could not imagine being any happier with our dog, and there is not one thing that we would change about her. She is the PERFECT Labrador Retriever. A top-rate, first class, all-around superb specimen. Roux is a "dog of a lifetime."

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Carl Family

Dear Mom (Stacy) and Birth Mom (Grace),
I am writing to tell you I am doing fine in my new home with my new family. While I miss you very much and cry for you (especially from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.), I am feeling more comfortable every day. My new family has a big house with lots of rooms to explore and a big, big yard. The snow was quite a surprise for me but it's almost all melted now. They have a big brindle bulldog named Frog who is showing me the ropes. He only plays for a short time then he needs a nap. My new Mom says it's because he's getting old. We even take naps together. There is another dog named Pita but we haven't met because of the ice around the kennel. Hopefully this weekend it will be safe for us to play together in the backyard. I have to go see Doctor Phillips today but Mom promised no shots, just a check up this time.

I have been eating all my meals including the vitamins and carrots. You would be proud of me. I've been trying to be careful but sometimes I'm clumsy and fall down when I'm playing with my new toys. My new Mom laughs so hard sometimes she cries. She says not to worry though, it's okay to cry for a reason like that.

I know I will continue to miss you and my brothers and sisters for a long time to come. Mom says I'm extra special because I had such good care and so much love growing up with you. It will be a tough job, she told me, but she is going to be just as good for me as you were.

I have to go now. I've been awake for two hours and I'm very sleepy and in need of a nap. I'll keep in touch, I promise.

I love you, LB

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: The Keller's)

Hello Stacy, Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Greta Garbo, our puppy we got from you, is and will always be a joy to have in our family. We have never experienced such intelligence, temperament, love from a lab.

The best is her uncanny ability to already know, she makes us look like expert trainers by retrieving etc. and the truth is we just follow her lead. She already treats my son fantastic, she's the first to follow the wheelchair. Well have a merry christmas and thanks for taking a chance on us to have one of your puppies.

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: The Kirsch's)

Hello! Thought it only appropriate that I send you a note on Cassi's first birthday! The kids absolutely love her and she loves them too! Julie and Christopher keep telling us how much they love Cassi. The only argument seems to be which one Cassi loves the most...... personally I think it's me.

She is a wonderful dog. Thank you for having enough trust and agreeing to let us have her. She has a wonderful home and a loving family and returns more love back. She will be great for the kids as they grow up. And who knows, if we get a bigger place, maybe we'll have to get Cassi a companion.

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: The Grether's)

Stacy, I just thought I would drop you a note now that Gus has just turned 1 yr. old (6/1). He looks great and he has the personality to go with it.

He loves to retrieve or lay at my feet in the den. His intelligence is amazing and his desire to be alongside you at all times is what it is all about.

Thank you again for a great companion.

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: Daryl)

Just thought I'd say hello and tell you about Lily. She is beautiful, fabulous and all that we could hope for! She is adjusting wonderfully - in fact there was no real adjustment, she just kind of fit right in! She is bright, alert and responsive. We just love her! It is great having the big dogs around for her to chew on and romp with! They all get along great! And I have to tell you that yesterday she plopped down in the yard and surveyed her surroundings and I saw her in profile - can I tell you that she looked exactly like her mom in the picture you had of Candi on the web site!!! I was so struck because after we confirmed that we would indeed bring Lily home back in December I printed Candi's picture and hung it in our kitchen to remind us that Lily would be coming - and because Candi so much reminds me of our old yellow - so I feel I have memorized that look she had in the picture. I was so taken by Lily at that moment. So there is a little Candi running around in the snow of NY! ( I know you said Candi was "your girl" but if you ever considered retiring her and placing her out - please, please consider us!) Anyway, life is great! Thank you for not only a wonderful dog but all the care and love you put into her. It truly shows!!!

We will keep in touch!

(Proudly Owned and Dearly Loved By: The Volksman's)

Dear Stacy: We just wanted to let you know how Gracie is doing. She is a welcome addition to our family and we are delighted to have her. She's learning all her commands, both by voice and whistle. Our sons can't wait till she's old enough to go duck hunting!

Much as I hate to admit it, she seems to be the most attached to them; although my wife and I love her, too! She's always happy to see me when I return during the day, but she whimpers at the door (not to go potty) and I know it's because she's looking for the rest of the family. Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt her - we'll do our best by her, we promise!

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: The Brandts' )

Hi Stacy - thought I should give you an update on our girl. She is doing great. We just completed a 5 week puppy obedience class and she was a star. She has a terrific calm disposition (as promised), but also loves attention and playing with us. She also loves kids - she gets so excited when she can play with the kids in our neighborhood. We have done a lot of socializing with other dogs and she plays very well with them. She has already visited her grand parents (my wifes parents) in Indiana and when we left, my in-laws cried harder than they ever did when just my wife and I left after a visit. She has now had two visits to the vet for her shots and he thinks she is doing great. She gained 8 pounds in the 4 weeks we have had her. She will be spayed in the middle of May. You may have more interest in Beulah Land Labs as the more people meet Corona, and the more we are asked about her breeding.

(Proudly Owned and Loved By: The Golde's)

Hi Stacy and Family,

I wanted to send an email and let you know how Casey and Arthur's little Keiki (aka baby blue eyes) is doing.

She's just over three months old now and she is beautiful. Everyone who meets her, family, friends and complete strangers all say the same thing...."I love her face." I've met a few other labs since Keiki came home and I have to admit, they cannot hold a candle to her. I've been saying she looks just like her poppa but after seeing the picture of Casey retrieving the branch from the pond...well, Keiki looks a lot like her mom too! A healthy blend of both I suppose. She's lost her puppy coat, but that's okay because her new coat is even better. Her chocolate color is rich and the coat just shines!

Keiki isn't just beautiful, she's smart too. The housetraining was effortless. Crate training was a breeze. Keiki pretty much trained herself. After the third night home, she slept through the night and it's been that way ever since. She will perform "come", "sit" and "down" on either a verbal command or a hand signal. If I were a foolish person, I'd think I was the best trainer in the world, but I know it's mostly due to Keiki's intelligence and her willingness to please.

Keiki is a Triple Threat. On top of the good looks and brains, this puppy has personality too. She gets along great with people, children and has yet to meet another dog she didn't like. That tail just goes a mile a minute! I suspect that she has a sense of humor too. When called, she sometimes walks slowly toward me and you can just see the mischief on her face. At the last second she playfully bounces and slides in to land at my feet waiting for a pet. What a corker!

I can't thank you enough for offering me the chance to love this puppy. Keiki continues to exceed my expectations. She's just wonderful and I love her dearly. I never want to be without her. Her crate is by my bed so she's the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. There's no better way to start or end a day in my book!

Thank you so much!
Susan, Keiki's faithful human.

(This is where we were given a Review by people.)

We're so glad we found Beulah Land! Posted by: Molly Butterworth
Early in 2000, we contacted Stacy in our search for a pet-quality Lab female puppy. While we had no intentions of showing, we nevertheless wanted a puppy with outstanding breeding and excellent temperament. Stacy breeds not only for conformation but also health and temperament, and the puppy she selected for us epitomized everything we were looking for. She was very thorough in her evaluation of us, as all breeders should be, and the effects of her home-raising of each litter were apparent in Abby. My advice to prosepective customers is to ensure everything is in order - your fencing, show or breeding plans if any, etc. - before contacting Stacy. She puts a great deal of thought, research, and care into each and every litter and correctly believes that each home should have the resources and dedication necessary to protect and raise a pup.

Abby is everything a good Lab should be - not only beautiful, but more importantly healthy, sound, intelligent, confident, and endearing. We would love to have another puppy out of Buick and Grace sometime in the future.

Stacy maintains contact with us on a regular basis, and we're always checking out the new litters and dogs on her website. We wish her the best of luck and continued success with her Labs - and if every one is just a fraction as happy with their dogs as we are with ours, she will continue her success.

Bill Burke and Zeus the Wonder Dog ! Posted by: Bill Burke
I did alot of research into the breed I wanted. Then did twice as much research into finding a breeder I could trust. I looked at and interviewed breeders for almost a full year before I chose Stacy Killian at Beulah Land Ranch & Labrador Retrievers. I even visited the kennel twice before the pups were born and three times afterwards! I was and remain impressed with the care and attention to detail that she gives the pups and the parents. I wanted a good looking and intelligent male dog just to be a buddy and take duck and goose hunting. Stacy breeds her pups for conformance, obedience, intelligence and temperament. Zeus has all four those fine qualities as well as a championship blood line. I have been offered 5 times what I paid for Zeus and will not take it. Zeus has his own web site.

I have recommended Stacy and her fine kennel to all of my friends and duck hunting buddies. You can not and will not go wrong if you get a dog from this kennel.

Our Lovable Cassi Posted by: Jonathan Grether
When we were looking for a pet for our four and two year old children, we wanted a dog that would love the kids and be as tolerant as we were (Well, actually maybe MORE tolerant than we are) so we chose a lab.

We found Stacy through another breeder's referal. I figured that was a pretty good sign to have one lab breeder suggest another. I contacted Stacy and she interviewed me a couple of times as well as giving me the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. You see, Stacy LOVES all her kids and would take any one of them back at any time, so she is very concerned about when they go.

We were truly blessed to have found her kennel. Our beautiful chocolate (Beulahland's Cassiopiea) or Cassi is a cherished memeber of our family. We have had her for three years now and she an integral part of our family. No problems with her at all. Her health, her hips, her temperment...all as expected. Everyone comments on what a beautiful animal she is.

Stacy started calling our pup by her name, Cassi, long before we got her. As it turns out, Cassi ended up being the number one pick of the litter and Stacy had already chose another pup in the litter. She could have switched her choice (we never would have known) but she told us it wouldn't have been fair to the dog since she was already learning her name. WOW!

I HIGHLY recommend Stacy if you are looking for exceptional show or pet quality animals. We already know were we will be getting our next lab! :)

My thoughts on Beulah Land Labradors Posted by: Kelly Clark
As we are just starting into the breed. We had met Stacy Killian about 4 years ago. We currently have a show quality girl out of Buick and Grace. Her name is Beulah Lands Winter Lexus.. Lexy to the ones who love her! She is all of what we expected from such a great breeding. She has a lovely head, nice drop of chest and awesome rear. Lexy has that go get it type of attitude which will be awsome in the feild as well as the ring. Also she is a very nice addition to our kennel.

Lexy is great with our kids and loves her best Labby freind Mattie . Stacy's breeding program is very well studied and planned out even years in advance which is great to know you can expect nothing but the very best. When you get a puppy from Beulah Land they are started with potty trainng which is so nice for the new owners. We have had no problems with training Lexy in the house. With such great time and energy put into her breeding program we will be doing business several more times in the future as well as breeding to her lovely and handsome boys...

Praise Posted by: Angie Trout
I don't know if it was the Lord who brought me to Stacy but I sure Thank Him for it. Stacy is one of the true people whom does all to ensure that her Labradors are what a Labrador should be. She is always ready, willing, and able to supply any answers for questions the novice or seasoned Labrador Lover may have. Her answers are precise and to the point. Stacy absolutely loves her Labradors, that is shown in the Litters she has. Stacy takes pride in her litters and her studs and bitches and only breeds to the best, to produce the best possibly. She is kind and generous. She is willing to help with anything at anytime. Lord knows the time she has spent with me answereing all of my questions, comments, and concerns. This is one honest Christian woman whom does all she can to ensure you are getting the right dog for you. It shows in her lines she has, the amount of time she studies other lines, the love she has also shines brightly through in her puppies. She will only let a puppy go to a home whom she feels very comfortable with, and whom she knows has the best interests at heart for this awesome wonderful breed of dog. I cannot sing her praises enough. Definatly, If you are looking for a quality labrador, contact Stacy, she is willing to help you find what you want.

"There's no place like HOME"

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